Tis The Season for Creativity Gift Guide

Tis The Season for Creativity Gift Guide

Gifts for the most savvy artist-types among us can be hard to find. But luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Give the gift of creative inspiration! Here are a few items you’ll find in our “Tis the Season for Creativity” gift guide!

 Small Ceramic Watercolor Paint Pallet

This handmade ceramic paint pallet is one of a kind! Because each pallet is entirely handmade, there will be variations in the shape and look of each piece. However, we can guarantee that they'll all be beautiful! Trust us, the artists in your life will love the experience of painting with such a special and unique tool.



 DIY Mushroom Painting Kit (10+ Yrs)

These kits come with everything you need to make up to three different mushrooms: a wooden skewer (with the top cut off), a painted wooden base, and some mushroom-themed decorations. Kiddos can customize them however they like! But folks of all ages will love them too!

Cher Plaid Socks

These socks feature lightweight, breathable silk hosiery with a printed plaid design and are sure to be a hit with any 90s baby. They're comfortable enough to wear all day long—from walking the dog to hitting the town—and they'll keep your feet looking cute while keeping them cool.

Comfort and fashion in one cool accessory? Yes please!

 Power of Art & Music Print

If you know you know. Art & music are powerful and the creativity-lovers in your life will hand this on their wall proudly. 

This locally designed and printed 8"x10" print is inspired by the city of Portland. It's sure to inspire anyone looking to create new music, artwork, or maybe even the next best-selling book!


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