We Love This: Kelli Schaefer and a Knife

We Love This: Kelli Schaefer and a Knife

Each month, we pick one cool thing and one free music download and email all our fans. We call it WE LOVE THIS because it's stuff we truly do. (If you're not signed up for our mailings you can do it here). This month we've got a a track from Kelli Schafer and an item she picked out herself.



Kelli Schaefer is one of the most exciting musicians working in Portland today, and is at the top of our "must see" list whenever she plays. Drawing comparisons to powerful performers like P.J. Harvey, Nick Cave, and even Björk, there's a reason she's commanding such a following. Download her song "Underground" and see her at our upcoming All Together Festival.



Do you like that? It's from the album No Identity, which you can get on vinyl from us right here.





Kelli Schaefer picked out this pocket knife herself. It's compact, shiny, and sharp. There's a blade, a file, and scissors. The wooden body was laser etched here in Portland by Salty & Sweet Design. Perfect size for a keychain, but haven't you been in awe when something needs cutting and someone pulls out their pocket knife and gets it done? That could be you. Get this knife.





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