Either Or Expanded Edition LP

Elliott Smith

  • Listen to the song "Between the Bars (Remastered)"

    This 20-year anniversary expanded edition of Elliott Smith's most popular album, Either/Or, features remastered versions of the original tracks, live recordings from 1997, and four previously unreleased songs.

    RIYL: Nick Drake, Bright Eyes, Daniel Johnston, Neutral Milk Hotel

  • 1. Speed Trials (remastered)
    2. Alameda (remastered)
    3. Ballad of Big Nothing (remastered)
    4. Between the Bars (remastered)
    5. Pictures of Me (remastered)
    6. No Name No. 5 (remastered)
    7. Rose Parade (remastered)
    8. Punch and Judy (remastered)
    9. Angeles (remastered)
    10. Cupid's Trick (remastered)
    11. 2:45 AM (remastered)
    12. Say Yes (remastered)
    13. My New Freedom (live)
    14. Pictures of Me (live)
    15. Angeles (live)
    16. Some Song (live)
    17. Rose Parade (live)
    18. New Monkey (keys)
    19. I Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out (remixed/remastered)
    20. I Figured You Out
    21. Bottle Up and Explode! (alternate version)
  • Elliott Smith Elliott Smith is Portland's most infamous indie rocker, and helped shape the music culture of the Northwest. Known for his evocative whispery voice and melancholic songs involving love, depression, and substance abuse, he released 5 albums before his tragic death in 2003. Visit the Elliott Smith bandcamp site.
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