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Raised By Women

Dazzleships Records

Music Format
  • Listen to the song "Say You Love Me"

    Raised By Women features 11 tracks from creative, talented, and powerful women in the Portland music scene, with a fantastic range of indie pop, rock, electronic, and rnb. All profits benefit Raphael House, a local-to-Portland charity dedicated to helping survivors of abuse.

    Dazzleships Records 2018
  • 1. Skull Diver: Bad Star
    2. Mini Blinds: Happy
    3. Cat Hoch: Say You Love Me
    4. Natasha Kmeto: Your Girl
    5. Rilla: Side Sleeper
    6. Johanna Warren: The Blessing The Curse
    7. DANDAN: Broken Mirror
    8. Black Water Holy Light: Sunrise
    9. Laura Palmer's Death Parade: Scrollin
    10. Haste: Let's Touch Ourselves
    11. Sheers: An Osscasion
  • Dazzleships Records Dazzleships is a Portland Oregon based tape and vinyl label that focuses on releases for bands that deserve to be heard.
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