Rigsketball 2017 Compilation Cassette

TLE Music

  • Each year Rigsketball releases a tape with tracks from all 32 bands playing in Rigsketball. This TWO HOUR beast can be yours! You can get it here, at TLE stores, or right at the tournament.

  • Side A:
    The Domestics - Tunnels and Trains
    Animal Eyes - Where We Go
    Shannon Entropy - No Disgrace
    No Aloha - Diversions
    Alberta Paper Company - Sugar
    The Forever Agos - Want and Need
    Stars' Blood - Back in the Bottle
    Houlie and the Blowfish - Midnight Blues
    Paper Brain - At All
    Howard Ivans - Candy
    Wet Dream - Basement Under the Ocean
    Tribe Mars - $3 Kung Fu
    Nic Wilkins - Frank Gore
    AMANI - The Immortal
    Ellington Willoughby and the Andrew Jacksons - Mothership

    Side B:
    And And And - Holy Fucking Matrimony
    Hustle and Drone - Voices of Ventriloquists
    Hot Won't Quit - Grab the Wheel
    Bastard Salt - More More More
    WORWS - Sheltering Hand
    Trick Sensei - When We Stray
    Sorta Ultra - Don’t Lie To Me
    The Get Ahead - Dollars For Doughnuts
    This Fair City - Ebb & Flow
    Foxy Lemon - Quite A Bit of Booty
    Grammerhorn Wren - Pet Narc
    Crushingcrayons - Dawn New Horizons
    Space Shark - Helevator
    The Quick & Easy Boys - Swipe Right
    Donovan Trip - Cheer Up
    Queen Chief - Sleeping Under Trees
    Salvo Idly - Blame
  • Rigsketball Rigsketball is a 32 band basketball tournament played on a regulation height hoop attached to a tour van. Rigsketball happens during the last two weeks of July in Portland, OR. We welcome any bands to sign up to play in the tournament for free. Check out their website for all details.
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