Dave Depper - Emotional Freedom Technique

Tender Loving Empire

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  • Listen to the song "Do You Want Love?"

    Straddling the line between pop and despair, Emotional Freedom Technique is a letter to the broken heart that won’t mend but still beats. It is a portrait of what happens when someone is flung across the world on tour—grateful to be there, grateful for the success and the adventures, but ultimately lonely.

    TLE-067 (2017 )
  • 1. Do You Want Love?
    2. Communication
    3. Lonely With You
    4. Your Voice on the Radio
    5. Never Worked So Hard
    6. Anytime, Anywhere
    7. EZ-101
    8. Summer Days
    9. Hindsight/Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Dave Depper Dave Depper has been the connection point between a staggering number of Northwest bands, playing with Menomena, Fruit Bats, Mirah, Corin Tucker, and Laura Gibson. Tapped to join Ray LaMontagne’s touring band in 2014 and then snatched up to become a full-time member of Death Cab for Cutie, Depper solidified his role as the go-to guy, the man next to everyone on late night.
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