Boy Eats Drum Machine - Hoop + Wire

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  • Hoop + Wire's 38 minutes expertly merge disparate ideas to form aural landscapes--not surprising, since the album was dreamed up on a drive across the United States. Sweeping symphonic samples receive treatments of bombastic organic percussion both traditional and of the Foley variety, while the lyrical content reveals introspective and dark passages.
    1. Hoop + Wire
    2. Constellation
    3. Syncopated
    4. Gold in the Hills
  • Boy Eats Drum MachineBoy Eats Drum Machine Finding no comfort in the trappings of any one genre, Boy Eats Drum Machine--the musical moniker of Portland, Oregon native Jon Ragel--chose to create a sound flexible enough to incorporate everything he loved. His one-man-band approach makes for exciting live shows during which Ragel sings, spins, scratches, plays saxophone, and beats live drums--all while managing to bust out some killer dance moves. Boy Eats Drum Machine has released two critically lauded full-length albums, Booomboxxx (2008) and Hope+Wire (2010) with Tender Loving Empire.
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