Simple Syrup Collection

Meadowland Syrup

  • Choose between these collections of 4 of Meadowland's best selling simple syrups! Perfect in your cocktails, lemonade, sparkling water, or even baked goods! In the kits, you'll receive four 1 oz bottles of the following:

    Sweet Bird
    Oregon Black Bird: A velvet sky, the first-picked marionberry, intrigue, evening breeze.
    Hummingbird: Soft rose, new love, morning sun, bright raspberries, child-like wonder.
    Tanager: A first summer strawberry, a warm breeze and fresh basil.
    Goldfinch: Morning sun, soft vanilla, birdsong, honeycomb, chamomile flowers.

    Pink Lady: Summer sun, garden strolls, a fresh peach.
    Prairie Sun: Sun-soaked prairie flowers, tart lemon, summer haze.
    Dusk: Lavender flowers, purple skies, rich black tea, warm summer evenings, mystery.
    Signature Blend: Meadow flowers, afternoon sun, bee pollen, nostalgia, light rain, prairie grass.

    Autumn Sun
    Pumpkin Spice: Fresh pumpkin pie, warm cinnamon, crisp autumn leaves, afternoon glow.
    Vanilla Maple: Autumn sun, a crisp breeze, warm maple syrup.
    Woodfired Apple: Crisp autumn apples, a crackling fire, soft cinnamon, spicy clove, a twilit sky.
    Golden Age: Golden honey, salt breeze, afternoon sun.
  • Meadowland SyrupsMeadowland Syrups is a collaboration between Katie and Kathy, based out of Bend, Oregon. Both work together to develop unique and delicious flavors that are deeply inspired by Katie's rural upbringing on the prairie. They hope their simple syrups conjure feelings of joy, wonder, and warm memories of summers past. Katie's roles at Meadowland include development of all branding aspects, package design, web design, and online marketing. Kathy's tasks at Meadowland include production of syrups, operations, fulfillment, and accounting.
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