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  • Start by making Matcha part of your daily routine. Essential for anyone looking for a lifestyle centered around wellness, this fresh and delicious tea is perfect for your morning fix or afternoon lull. Your healthy habit will have you feeling vibrant in no time, but really, you love it just because it simply tastes refreshing and amazing. Our matcha is exceptionally fresh- sourced, shade-grown & stone-milled to order at our 100-year old family matcha manufactory, in Uji, Japan.

    Flavor profile: light perfume aromatics of toasted vanilla. Creamy mouthfeel with full, milky notes of freshly churned butter. This matcha is sure to refresh. Size: 40g Tin (20-30 servings)

  • Mizuba Tea Co Mizuba Tea Co Lauren knows tea. What she didn't know was that the tea gatherings she hosted twice a week in college, the journeys abroad she spent collecting tea, or the countless cups she drank and loved to share would lead her to Japan, and ultimately, to a true vocation. A frothy cup of Matcha in the community of Uji, Japan, revealed to her the depth of tea's complex and nuanced flavor profiles. What's more, the relationships she made over those cups of tea were just as wonderful as the quality of the tea itself. The experience spurred Lauren toward a lifetime of seeking pure, seasonal teas, and fostered a dedication to studying Japanese tea cultivation, production, and culture. And she wants to share how delicious Matcha is with you!
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