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Alchemist's Jam

  • 6oz. Jar

    Marionberry: Oregon's favorite berry! During the summer, the marionberries in this jam are sourced at Mineral Springs Ranch in Carlton, Oregon, where Alchemist's Jam roll up their sleeves and pick them themselves! The farm is biodynamic and sits in the heart of Oregon wine country. During the winter they source their berries from Blue Raeven Pie Company in Amity, OR.

    Ingredients: marionberries, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, pectin

    Peach Vanilla Nutmeg: A perfect jam to have for dessert. The kind of velvety warmth you'd want in a pie, also makes for a delicious spread on toast. With the most beautiful amber tint and flecks of real vanilla bean, this jam makes a great gift.

    The peaches for this jam are often gifted by neighboring farmers! Alchemist's Jam accepts leftovers from the end of the day at farmer's markets, and boxes from friends. They are always on the lookout for the most local and freshest peaches. They get the most from Blue Raeven Pie Company out of Amity, Oregon, which is a reliable local distributor that gets their peaches from local farms.

    Ingredients: peaches, sugar, organic lemon juice, organic nutmeg, organic vanilla bean, pectin

    Raspberry Cardamom Rosehip: Tart raspberry, subtly sweet rosehip and warm toasty cardamom live in harmony in this delectable jam. These raspberries are handpicked at Mineral Springs Ranch at Soter Vineyards in Carlton, OR in the summer. During the winter, Alchemist's Jam uses frozen summer raspberries from Blue Raeven Pie Company in Amity, OR. Organic rosehips and organic cardamom are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs in Eugene, OR.

    Ingredients: raspberries, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic rosehips, pectin, organic cardamom
  • Alchemist's JamAlchemist's Jam is a company owned by Danny Roberts and Jennifer Fisher in McMinnville, Oregon. Our jams are made from locally-sourced fruits. We use organic ingredients whenever possible, with the ultimate goal of having our entire company be 100% organic in the future. Sustainability and care of the environment are extremely important to us. We make our jams in small batches and do all of our processing of the fruit and ingredients by hand and cook down the berries in large copper pots over the stove, and hand-pour them into jars. We enjoy the process of combining healing herbs with berries and fruit to make jam in much the same way that an alchemist works.
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