Friends and Friends of Friends Vol. 7

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    Tender Loving Empire’s popular Friends & Friends of Friends compilation series celebrates its 7th volume this year with tracks from The Family Crest, Wampire, Wild Ones, And And And, White Reaper and many more. Taking its name from the happy accidental connections and serendipitous encounters of the music world, this two-disc compilation features the very best the Portland, Oregon music scene has to offer as well as a few tracks by friends from around the US. From up-and-comers to veterans, electro-pop to soul to garage, Friends and Friends of Friends is 3+ hours of hand picked gems.

    TLE-050 (2014)
  • DISC 1
    The Family Crest - Beneath the Brine
    Musée Mécanique - The Lighthouse and the Hourglass
    Mt. Ossa - Love Jem
    Tender Hips - City
    Holiday Friends - Spirit Girl
    Josh Berwanger - The Other Side
    Wesley Jensen and the Penny Arcade - My Love
    Karl Kling - Careful
    New Move - Vegetables
    Iji - Spitting
    White Reaper - Cool
    Gangplans - Bust the Way You Were
    Luz Elena Mendoza - Run For Your Life
    Tony Ortega - Just Let Me Know
    A Gap Between - Bonfire
    Sean Flinn and the Royal We - Maps
    Settlers - Proskater
    St. Even - Worth the Wading
    Your Rival - Border Patrol
    The Weather Machine - Back O’er Oregon

    DISC 2
    King Friday - Fol-de-rol
    Wampire - Wizard Stuff
    Wild Ones - Golden Twin (Radiation City Remix)
    Monte Mar - Tricks and Poses
    Sama Dams - Dirty Work
    Tomten - Pipe Dream Boy
    The Dip - O.P. Jebediah
    Barna Howard - Promise, I Won’t Laugh
    Gabe Katz - What Gives
    And And And - Things Just Go This Way
    Us Lights - Eyes On Us
    East Forest - Pacific Coastal Highway
    Black Whales - Come Get Immortalized
    Those Willows - Maps on the Table
    Boys Without Toys - Let’s Get Away
    Lemme Adams - TOYS
    Just Lions - Great. Ok.
    Life in 24 Frames - Bitter End
    Widower - Oh Catherine, My Catherine
    A Million Billion Dying Suns - Secret Tree
    Magic Sword - Sword of Truth
  • Various The Players: The Family Crest, Musée Mécanique, Mt. Ossa, Tender Hips, Holiday Friends, Josh Berwanger, Wesley Jensen and the Penny Arcade, Karl Kling, New Move, Iji, White Reaper, Gangplans, Luz Elena Mendoza, Tony Ortega, A Gap Between, Sean Flinn and the Royal We, Settlers, St. Even, Your Rival, The Weather Machine, King Friday, Wampire, Wild Ones, Monte Mar, Sama Dams, Tomten, The Dip, Barna Howard, Gabe Katz, And And And, Us Lights, East Forest, Black Whales, Those Willows, Boys Without Toys, Lemme Adams, Just Lions, Life in 24 Frames, Widower, A Million Billion Dying Suns, and Magic Sword.
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