M A N E - Leo // Lib // Bull


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  • Leo // Lib // Bull embodies introspective feelings, and weaves through themes of sex, death, love, debt, excess, privilege, exuberance, generational pain, existential stress, renewal, reconciliation, hope - and how these character aspects / archetypes begin to form their own voices and sounds.

    The time it takes to grow one's hair long - that’s M A N E as an idiomatic expression; a passage of time marked by something. It kinda grows, and changes - good day / bad day - retreats, recedes, knots - then you cut it or it’s just gone. Maybe on a metaphysical-lite level, you talk to it and it talks back to you. It’s a project less about stories, more about moods.

  • 1 - Rorschach => Lux
    2 - Lot 34 {Bath Bomb}
    3 - Scrunchie
    4 - Mood~Ring
    5 - 4d5 demos + a visiion
  • M A N E M A N E was co-created by Sam Wegman, Jed Overly and Justin Chase (Pure Bathing Culture). Leo // Lib // Bull was written by Wegman, mixed by Jake Viator of Stones Throw Records (Mount Kimbie, Jerry Paper, Mild High Club), and features bassist/harmony vocalist Grace Bugbee (Y La Bamba, Black Belt Eagle Scout).
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