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Dear World,
Before Portlandia there was… well, PORTLAND! This beautiful city is more than a caricature. It’s complex with a dynamic history and a penchant for thinking outside the box. It’s a place full of immaculate architecture, progressive music, legal weed, world-class food, wine and beer and the highest strip clubs per capita of any city in the US. We have the largest urban forest, the smallest urban park, and we are only an hour from both Mt. Hood and Cannon Beach.

And if all that weren’t enough, the people who live here are nice and courteous and generally chill (except for the Timbers Army who has no chill and that’s great). Lots of dabblers and misfits and dreamers live here. It rains a lot so we end up inside doing fun, creative things like brewing and drinking beer, making music, sewing, writing and generally trying to keep our spirits up while it's grey out. We don’t all have a garden, and we’re not all obsessed with the Blazers - just most of us. We don’t all pickle vegetables, have a DJ night or ride our bikes naked down the street. We just all know a bunch of people who do.

Portland, Oregon is the real deal - the genuine article.

Genuine Portland Articles was born out of a deep love for our beautiful hometown and the people that make it so great. It is a celebration of the true blue creativity, breathtaking natural beauty and offbeat human perspectives that make Portland a special place to live and visit. All of our products are designed with love, right here in PDX, for the people who adore this city and for the people that make it worth adoring.

Genuine Portland Articles Team,
Portland F***ing Oregon