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    Throughout the The Bearer of Bad News, Andy Shauf spins tales as a few others can in which accidental, redemptive victories (“Hometown Hero”) stir alongside evocative, heartrending tales of self-doubt and lost loves (“I’m Not Falling Asleep”). The Saskatchewan native’s tender, singular tenor guides the way over muted instrumentation of softly-strummed guitars, dampened drums, weathered piano, and clarinet. Meticulously written over four years and recorded over one in a makeshift basement studio, Shauf, whose vocal delivery at times reminds of Elliott Smith or Paul Simon, plays nearly every instrument on the album.

    TLE-053 (2015)
  • 1. Hometown Hero
    2. Drink My Rivers
    3. I’m Not Falling Asleep
    4. Covered in Dust
    5. Wendell Walker
    6. You’re Out Wasting
    7. The Man On Stage
    8. Jesus, She’s A Good Girl
    9. Lick Your Wounds
    10. Jerry Was a Clerk
    11. My Dear Helen
  • Andy Shauf Andy Shauf There’s an innate stillness and depth to multi-instrumentalist Andy Shauf’s music—a quiet, riveting strength that subtly steals its way into a listener’s bones. He’s a storyteller: a singer of heartbreak and regrets, isolation and loneliness, small-town legends and smaller-town killers.
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