Eat. Play. Love. Life Lessons from My Dog

Workman Publishing


  • Whoever coined the phrase "a dog's life" should've tried the lifestyle first! What's not to love when every meal is a feast, every errand is an adventure, and every day, you wake up to see your very favorite person? Let artist Emma Block's adorable pooches win you over with 100 heartwarming life lessons, like:
    You are never too old to play.
    Don’t be afraid to get messy.
    Overcome fear with love.
    Try anything once!
    Live better—live like your dog!
  • Emma Block Emma Block creates hand-painted editorial illustrations for brands and publications; teaches watercolor, gouache, and brush lettering workshops; and runs a popular Etsy storefront. Her work is inspired by old photos and films, vintage clothing, travel, 1950s illustration, 1930s jazz, and sausage dogs. She is also the author of The Joy of Watercolor.
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