Bells Atlas - the mystic Vinyl+Shirt+Sticker (PRE-ORDER)

Tender Loving Empire

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Chest 16.5  18 20 22 24 26
Length  26   28 29 30 31 32
  • 1. Hazelwood
    2. Rogue Dream
    3. The Khamsa
    4. We've Been Here Before
    5. Belly
    6. Downpour
    7. The Mystic
    8. First Gen Pisces
    9. Na Change / See Clear
    10. Final Ceiling
  • Bells Atlas Bells Atlas’ latest offering the mystic digs further into their soulful buoyancy to explore both sound and storytelling. Sandra Lawson-Ndu, Douglas Stuart, Geneva Harrison, and Derek Barber stumbled upon a new, more production-oriented process for songwriting-- which included sampling grainy phone recordings-- that elevates Bells Atlas’ already unique approach to psychedelic R&B. The spontaneity of the mystic’s creative process results in a raw, cosmic sound that is mirrored in its lyrics. The record can be seen as sci-fi fantasy of two first-generation Nigerian American women coming to terms with a mental health diagnosis, and at the same time, a very universal exploration of how we make sense of reality. “It’s about a truth seer and a skeptic trying to make sense of what’s mystical and what’s clinical,” frontwoman Sandra Lawson-Ndu says. The listener is made to consider the possibility of magic. Is it possible, for instance, that someone who navigates the world differently may have a deeper understanding of the universe? The mystic is a spectrum of deep emotionality, impulse, and even humour; a tool to explore the full dimension of our reality.

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