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Matches in Corked Apothecary Jar

Enlighten The Occasion

  • 40 colorful matches bottled up in a delightful corked jar. On the bottom you'll find an adhesive honeycomb match striker. Matches are single use. Extinguish after use. Vials are 2.13" wide x 4.05" high. Matches are 3" in length.
  • Enlighten the Occasion Enlighten the Occasion Owner and Creator of Enlighten the Occasion, Summer, started he creating her vibrant multi-color tipped matches to put a smile on your face and bring joy and enlightenment to every occasion. From Mill Creek, Washington, she lives with her husband and two children.

    She began her business 5 years ago by making candles and stumbled across color tip matches to add in to orders as an accessory. Because of the popularity of the matches, she began selling them exclusively and from there it has grown into her most popular product. With their growing business, Enlighten the Occasion has gotten to hire their first employee: Summer's daughter!
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