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Single Plant Propagation Station

Hold Onto Your Plants

  • A clean, modern design for your smallest cuttings. A great gift that can be used for flower buds, herbs or dried flowers.

    Handmade from maple, the propagation stand is 1.5” by 1.5”. It can sit pretty on a table or window sill. Test tubes are 6” tall and are removable.

  • Hold Onto Your PlantsHold Onto Your Plants Carly Weaver started Hold on to Your Plants® in her wood shop in Austin, TX. An artist by first trade, she learned woodworking from building birch painting panels with interlocking pieces up to five feet. With more skills under her belt from renovating her 1930’s bungalow and too many house plants on the floor, she built her first plant stand in 2018. Inspired by mid century design and a love of color she intended to bring a simple but unique solution to elevating her plants. Her ponytail palm has never been happier!
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