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    • 7.75 ounces. Handmade on Orcas Island
    • Shiro Plum with Mint: A 2019 and 2016 Good Food Awards Winner and one of our very first preserves, we can't wait for you to try this. We love the brightness of this Asian varietal (an original farmette tree)– and find it pairs fabulously with mint, freshly picked from our kitchen garden. This preserve vies for most versatile – awesome with toast, excellent with cheese, and perfect for anything you’d use a mint sauce on (pork, chicken, or lamb). For a simple appetizer, serve it alongside goat cheese, or gussy it up with a little prosciutto. Serve straight from the jar with pork or lamb chops. Go nuts: reduce wine, butter, shallots, add half a jar plus a pinch of salt and glaze a few duck breasts during the last five minutes of cooking.


      Ingredients: shiro plums, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, mint leaves.

      Rhubarb Lavender: A 2019 Good Food Awards Finalist! Deep within Orcas Island's bucolic Crow Valley, once planted as far as the eye could see in orchard fruit, lies JBS Farm's gorgeous patch of rhubarb. We've selected their deep red Valentine variety for this batch of preserves- lightly infused with garden grown English culinary lavender buds. The perfect balance of tart & sweet with just a touch of floral, this deep pink preserve is gorgeous with soft, creamy cow’s milk cheeses, a buttered baguette, or dolloped over panna cotta or ice cream. Is your mouth watering yet? It's also been known to play nice stirred into a bit of bubbly for a special kind of 'toast'.


      Ingredients: rhubarb, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, lavender.

      Apple Caramel: Tart Gravenstein apples cut the sweetness of this deeply caramelized & slightly salted, preserve great with soft, creamy cheeses. A crowd pleaser, it can even hang with peanut butter for the kiddos (or for me!). But it’s equally at home on a crusty baguette adult style or spooned over poundcake. Did I mention butter? The real kind. It loves butter. Try serving alongside pork chops or tossing half the jar in the pan for the last few minutes of cooking.


      Ingredients: organic apples, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, San Juan Sea Salt.

      Pear Balsamic: Crafted with Bartlett pears from heirloom orchards, and reduced down with organic aged balsamic vinegar, we can’t get enough of this on Taleggio, Asiago, & blues. Truly an all-purpose condiment-- try it over ice cream. Or play around --add a few glugs of balsamic to a teaspoonful, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and minced shallots and puree it together for a quick, rich vinaigrette for a salad (topped with blue cheese, fresh pear slices, and crispy shallots). Spoon it over a wedge of Rogue River Blue with wafer thin crackers or fresh pear slices for an intensely satisfying cheese course.


      Ingredients: bartlett pears, organic cane sugar, organic quince juice, organic aged balsamic vinegar, organic lemon juice.

      Hot Damn Pepper Jam: Named a 2021 Good Food Awards Finalist! We’re really into fruit over here but we also have some farmers growing top notch vegetables SO - we made a pepper jam. But this is not your usual pepper jelly. We gave it the Girl Meets Dirt spin and maxed out that spiciness with lots of local fruit and a bit of punchy organic vinegar for balance. The quince and apple also add body to the set allowing us to stay committed to our ‘no pectin’ policy. It’s legit hot (yes!). It’s legit amazing. And it’s all natural. It’s one of those jars you need in your refrigerator to spice up lackluster meals (visualize dipping coconut shrimp or topping grilled salmon) and slather on cream cheese and crackers at a moment’s notice. Thanks to our farmers for growing these beauties. We’re pretty sure we did them justice.


    Ingredients: Czech Black peppers, heritage apples, quince, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, organic apple cider vinegar
  • Girl Meets DirtGirl Meets Dirt makes heritage fruit preserves, shrubs and bitters with heirloom fruit on Orcas Island. The San Juan Islands, and the people who call it home, are the backbone of Girl Meets Dirt. Each product has its own special kind of fruit alchemy, infused with salty island breezes that are unique to their coastal corner of the Pacific Northwest.
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