Jared Mees

Constant lineup changes and improvised, infrequent rehearsals would cause many bands to suffer, but they’ve become the lifeblood of Jared Mees & The Grown Children, giving the group’s live shows a devil-may-care energy and keeping the songs honest and raw. The band’s first incarnation was born on a Panamanian Island, where Mees, his wife Brianne—the co-founders of Tender Loving Empire—and two friends wrote the bulk of the songs that would eventually become If You Wanna Swim With The Sharks…. After recording Sharks in L.A. with Brianne’s father, Bill Forbes, the couple moved to Portland, Oregon, and launched the fledgling Tender Loving Empire empire.

Many more Grown Children incarnations would follow, including a fruitful collaboration between Mees and singer-songwriter Megan Spear that would produce the 2008 album Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money; and a long-lived lineup with Joe Bowden and Javier Madrigal on percussion and guitar/trumpet, respectively. That version of the Grown Children recorded 2011’s Only Good Thoughts Can Stay with Adam Selzer at Portland’s storied Type Foundry studio. The result was the band’s most complex, rich, and fully realized album to date, full of the sprawling epic soundscapes and lucid lyrical imagery that Jared Mees & The Grown Children have come to be known for.



  • Only Good Thoughts Can Stay (1:11)
    Only Good Thoughts Can Stay
  • Caffeine, Alcohol, Sunshine, Money (58:33)
    Full Album
  • If You Wanna Swim With The Sharks (45:47)
    Full Album
  • Jared Mees/Finn Riggins
    Full Album



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