Betsy & Iya x TLE Median Ring

Betsy & Iya

  • The Median Ring seeks to make a classic style more dynamic. For this adjustable and bold look, Betsy was inspired by inclusivity and community - the idea that individual unique shapes are made better when together. Designed hand-in-hand by Portland jewelry favorite Betsy Cross and Tender Loving Empire as part of our 2018 Artist Collab Series. Materials: Brass OR sterling silver available. Adjustable, approximately ⅝” in height. All pieces original and made by hand in the Betsy & Iya Portland, Oregon studio exclusively for Tender Loving Empire.
  • besty & iya betsy & iya started in 2008 in a coffeeshop with a notebook, a bright red pencil, and nothing to lose. Among scribbles and coffee stains, the words “jewelry making” appeared in that notebook. Betsy wrote it down, thought about it for a while, and then she made some jewelry. And it worked, so she did it some more. Now they're a handcrafted institution in Portland, OR, regularly designing and creating some of the city's most popular works.
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