Magic Sword - Volume 1 Remixes

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  • Listen to the song " Battlefield (Dance With The Dead Remix)"

    Grab all the Magic Sword Vol. 1 remixes together. You will receive a .zip file of four MP3s.

  • 1. Battlefield (Dance with the Dead Remix)
    2. In the Face of Evil (Gost Remix)
    3. Retrogram (Scattle Remix)
    4. Sword of Truth (Street Fever Remix)
  • Magic Sword Magic Sword The Keeper wears a mask to protect the identity of those he loves. Along with his minion, he produces retro-futuristic electronic music on stages across the world in an ongoing attempt to keep the Dark One at bay. The Keeper is known for wielding a sword of light during live performances, encouraging fans to bring their own magic sword to aide in the everlasting battle.
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