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The Show Mini Set

The Show Sauce


  • Try them all with this sampler set!
  • Contains 4- 2 oz To Go mini bottles of The Show!
  • Limited Red: We entered the hot sauce making world with this sauce... our very first recipe. Made with red chilis often referred to as fresno peppers, it has a hint of natural sweetness from the ripened peppers (still zero sugars!). This one is just kinda hot but has a little kick to it (2 out of 5 flames) . 
  • Greenshow: Kinda Hot Sauce (Medium) A green unlike any other green… Compared to our other sauces, Greenshow is just kinda hot, but don't worry, it still has a kick to it (2 out of 5 flames). Made from a blend of peppers, the Serrano chili pepper is the star of the Greenshow. It is Spicy, citrusy, tangy, so good!
  • Orangeshow: Pretty Hot Sauce (Hot). We love all of Smokeshow flavors but this is the sauce, the one that we always come back to and can never get enough of. Made from a blend of chili peppers, the Mexican Chile de Arbol is the star in this sauce. If your go to is Tapatio, Valentina or Cholula, you will love this flavor. ORANGESHOW is considered HOT by most. We think it's pretty hot (3 out of 5 on the heat scale).
  • Habashow: Super Hot Sauce (extra hot). This is essentially liquid habanero. Experience the unique and exquisite taste of the habanero pepper without it’s natural zests being muddled down by other strong competing flavors. Make sure you can handle the heat on this one (4 out of 5 flames)! If you love habaneros then you’ll love Habashow.
  • Ingredients for all: Peppers, Organic Vinegar, Salt, Water
  • The Show SauceThe Show Sauce Technically it is a handcrafted small batch hot sauce… We like to call it a table hot sauce. The Show is intended to be a condiment that can go and should go on absolutely everything! Tacos, noodles, bbq, watermelon, pizza, mango sorbet, steak, beer, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, whatever! Use it to add good flavor and spice to anything and everything you eat.
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