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    Hosannas' debut LP, Song Force Crystal was recorded in a living room to an 8-track tape machine resulting in a warmth and rawness commonly found in 70's era basement productions. The songs revel in dense slabs of tape saturation, perfect for showcasing cavernous four-part harmonies and trebly tube amplifiers. At once expansive and cohesive, experimental yet familiar, brooding one moment and soothing the next, Song Force Crystal is a contradiction of sounds.

    TLE-021 (2009)
  • 1. Graveyard
    2. Opposite People
    3. Hidden Tone
    4. Quilty’s Guilty
    5. Aquamarine
    6. Paloma
    7. Crab Magic
    8. Golden Girls
  • HosannasHosannas “Every day feels like a major crossroads in one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books that we used to read as kids,” Hosannas’ founding brothers, Brandon and Richard Laws, told an interviewer in 2012 of their writing and recording process. It’s also a pretty apt description of listening to the Portland, Oregon, band’s albums. Brandon and Richard grew up listening to Kraftwerk and the Beach Boys, and those disparate influences are at the core of the duo’s haunting vocal harmonies, rich verbal imagery, and unpredictable guitar. The band’s instrumentation is diverse, as well: The Laws brothers are as comfortable mixing Bollywood samples with tin-foil piano as they are crossing hushed acapella harmonies with full-tilt power-shred rock-outs.
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