All Natural Treats 5oz

Clyde Dog Treats

  • We use organic ingredients that are preservative free, non-GMO, with no artificial flavoring or coloring. We set out to make our Clyde Dog treats with the highest quality ingredients, and to keep it to the most essential elements. Even though our treats are made for dogs, we are sure to make them with such care and quality that we would eat them ourselves - and we do!

    BACON + APPLE | Sweet and savory in one bite!
    BANANA | These banana treats have a fantastic flavor & sweet aroma!
    BLUEBERRY | Blueberry are our boldest (and blue-est!) and most distinct treat yet.
    PUMPKIN | Such a great taste for your favorite pups!
    SALMON + SWEET POTATO | Two great tastes that taste great together for your pup!
  • Clyde Dog TreatsClyde Dog TreatsWe love our dog Clyde as much as you love yours! Long time pet owners, we have always valued feeding our furry companions healthy food and treats. We wanted to make some all natural, affordable, and healthy treats that he'd love, and that we could share with everyone else too.

    Clyde Dog treats are made locally by hand in Portland. If your pup gives you as much joy as Clyde gives us then you'll feel great about sharing our all natural treats with them!
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