Catnip Ninja

Catnip Ninja


  • Say goodbye to old tubs of dried leaves and a dust pan. Catnip spray is super easy to use and won’t leave a trail debris all through the house. Before each use, shake well [the bottle]. Shout “Catnip Ninja!!!” three times. One to two sprays will bring new life to old toys or scratching posts. Just spray & sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! The effects of the Catnip Ninja will lasts about 5-15 minutes. 2 oz bottle = 300 sprays!

    EFFECTS: Super happy feet, crouching tiger hidden kitty, big-time purring party, laser-focused shadow pawing, drunken meowing, freaky frisking, A+ aerobic awesomeness, maybe some drooling, maybe some catnapping. Remember: a little Catnip Ninja goes a long way! Use spray in moderation to protect kitties

    Do not spray directly on cats or humans.

    INGREDIENTS Distilled Water and Certified Organic Catnip Oil, nothing more.

    Packaged with love in Portland, Oregon.
  • Catnip Ninja Catnip Ninja makes an organic catnip spray that cats everywhere love!
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