Radiation City - Animals in the Median

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    Animals in the Median is Radiation City’s second full-length album and features songs recorded over the course of a year at various locations in Portland and rural Washington. The album’s inventive songwriting, nostalgic arrangements, and lush harmonies provide an exciting listening experience for discerning ears and casual listeners alike.

    TLE-038 (2013)
  • 1. Zombies
    2. So Long
    3. Wash of Noise
    4. Food
    5. Foreign Bodies
    6. Wary Eyes
    7. LA Beach
    8. Entropia
    9. Buckminsterfullerene
    10. Summer Rain
    11. Lark
    12. Call Me
  • Radiation City Radiation City As influenced by modern electronic sounds as they are by breezy classic bossa records and by the urgency and harmony of northern soul, Radiation City has crafted a seemingly contradictory sonic landscape--it is equally space-aged as it is retro. While they call Portland, Oregon home, the five-piece has earned fans across the country and beyond with their unique textures and infectious melodies.
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