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    The inspiration for Cool Nightmare came from an old piano that sat in Radiation City drummer Randy Bemrose's basement for years. Sounds from the ancient, cumbersome instrument are present throughout the recording--both recognizable keystrokes as well as percussive samples of the piano’s mechanics (slamming of the lid, clicks from within the body, etc.) In celebration of the album’s completion, Radiation City engaged in the ceremonial destruction of the old piano--a spectacle documented in the first single’s video.

    TLE-034 (2013)
  • 1. I Would Hide
    2. Hide From The Night
    3. Find it of Use
    4. Heart of Mine
    5. Eye of Yours
    6. Winter Blind
    7. Hacienda
  • Radiation CityRadiation City As influenced by modern electronic sounds as they are by breezy classic bossa records and by the urgency and harmony of northern soul, Radiation City has crafted a seemingly contradictory sonic landscape--it is equally space-aged as it is retro. While they call Portland, Oregon home, the five-piece has earned fans across the country and beyond with their unique textures and infectious melodies.
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