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Rad Roast

Rad Foods

Bag Size
  • Comes in two sizes:
    Small Bag: 6 Servings, Net Wt. 1.5oz
    Large Bag: 20 Servings. Net Wt. 6oz

    Rad Roast is a robust, nutrient dense coffee alternative. A beverage tasty hot or iced, Rad Roast is made up of plants like Roasted Chicory and Dandelion, Cinnamon and Cacao, to create a rich tasty drink. It is low acid and the only amount of caffeine is from the cacao, (less than 1/4th of a standard chocolate bar). Dandelion and Burdock root have been used for thousands of years for their liver toning qualities and digestive support. Nutrient dense mushrooms Lion’s Mane and Reishi bring natural plant energy having been studied for their ability to increase cognitive, and immune function.

    Ingredients: Roasted Chicory Root, Organic Roasted Dandelion Root, Fair Trade Organic Cacao powder, Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom powder, Organic Reishi mushroom powder, Fair Trade organic Maca powder, organic Cassia Cinnamon, organic burdock root

    Organic Reishi and Lion’s Mane Mushroom are grown sustainably in Sequim, Washington.

    How to Brew:
    Method 1
    Put Rad Roast in French Press with just boiled water, and allow to steep for 5-10 minutes (7 minutes or more for a stronger brew!)
    Method 2
    Put Rad Roast in large jar, add just boiled water. Cover, and allow to steep for 5-10 minutes. (7 minutes or more for a stronger brew!) Strain over mesh strainer and enjoy!
    Method 3
    Bring water to boil in pot on stove. Turn off heat. Add Rad Roast and cover. Allow to steep 5-10 minutes, strain and enjoy!

    Make it your way! Just want to throw there- Standard percolating coffee makers and some pour over methods will produce a lighter roast!
  • RAD FoodsRAD Foods Rad Foods is a woman-owned food & beverage company located in Portland, Oregon. Their aim is to create feel-good faves that are plant-based, fun, tasty, and that contain ethically sourced ingredients. They are currently featuring 2 plant based beverage blends -- Rad Roast, a robust coffee alternative made from plants and medicinal mushrooms, and Rad Cocoa, a rich and creamy mushroom hot chocolate.

    Rad Roast was the catalyst for the company: "As much as I loved coffee, I couldn’t drink it anymore." Owners of Rad Foods were on the hunt for a coffee alternative that had the same robust flavor but didn't fall short like they found decaf coffee and tea did. Rad Foods played with various flavor combinations, including plants that were revered for their nutritive benefits, and natural energy boosting capabilities. "I enjoyed the ritual of it, like I enjoyed the ritual of making coffee. I made it every day for years and loved it. My friends loved it. People started asking for it. So I started making it more and more. And that’s how Rad Roast was born, just out of the need for something that I wasn’t seeing."
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