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Denim Pot Holder (disc)




  • Handle your hottest pots with our stylishly sturdy trivet potholders. All holders are properly made with five layers of insulation on the palm to protect you from burns while quilting on the fingertips plus a functional hand slot on the outside, help keep things from slipping.
  • UBI-IND UBI-IND Founded by Ulrich"Ubi" Simpson and based in scenic San Francisco, UBi-IND is a denim brand that has taken the comfort and character of jeans and created a lifestyle brand that is rooted in this American aesthetic. They keep artisan techniques alive by innovating in fabrics, garment development, and manufacturing processes to achieve the gold standard in product excellence. A long standing veteran of the denim industry, Ubi's passion and technical refinement has lead to a line of denim goods that boast an unmatched level of craftsmanship. Every last product is  designed, washed, and crafted in the United States with the customer in mind. UBi-IND is constantly working with leading American manufacturers to ensure premium materials. Each product is made exclusively with White Oak Cone Denim, that is sourced from America's longest running cotton mill. Crafting from such pristine materials leads to denim products that will only become more elegant and unique with age. Classic and timeless, Ubi draws his designs from Americana, military, and vintage styling. 
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