Ritual Oil Blend

Earth Habit

  • Oregon Fog is a gender neutral oil blend inspired by the magic of our state’s winter mists. Sora, creator of Earth Habit, captures this feeling inside a roll-on ritual oil with top notes of vanilla and undertones of bergamot, making this blend smell like sweet black tea. All natural mica powder gives it a slight shimmer. Shake the bottle and envision enchanted forests! Ingredients - coconut oil, mica powder, bergamot, vanilla, jojoba oil; 10 milliliters. This Wild Ritual Oil is a mix of essential oils proven to support the moon cycle - rub on the lower tummy to soothe cramps, on wrists or neck to calm nausea or headaches, or wear it proudly as a perfume during your sacred cycle to feel empowered. Sora Blu, creator of Earth Habit, infuses this blend with confident, self loving intentions in the hopes of embracing womanhood to its fullest. Ingredients - ylang ylang, clove, sage, lavender, rose, jojoba oil, coconut oil; 10 milliliters. Aftergold Ritual Oil is a premium essential oil blend intended to be used as a perfume, ritual oil, or hair oil. This mix is adorned with crystal orange citrine shards and made with divine palo santo essential oil, historically used to cleanse and bless a space or person. The rose scent will leave you feeling soft and tender, amplifying your healing energy. Give the bottle a shake and watch swirls of mica powder illuminate! Ingredients - palo santo, aura quartz, rose, rose buds, rose petals, mica powder, rose oil; 10 Milliliters.
  • Tender Loving Empire Earth Habit Herbalist Sora Blu founded Earth Habit with the mission to promote self care through nature. Through art, media, and herbal creations she strives to promote self care, ritual and herbalism accessible to all. After being diagnosed with Crohns disease in 2013, Sora began experimenting with plant medicine and the healing powers of nature, creating products with essential oil blends, hemp & a variety of other plants and herbs.
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