Aura Spray

Rachel Beyer

  • Gentle Awakening: Helps us to soften and hold space for our healing and growth.
    INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, alcohol, amethyst and aventurine gem essence, pure essential oils of lavender, fir needle and cedarwood.

    Psychic Sunshine: For clarity of purpose and courage to stand in our authenticity.
    INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, alcohol, lapis lazuli and crystal quartz gem essence, essential oils of grapefruit, orange, cedarwood, fir needle and rosemary.

    Sensitive Heart: Encourages emotional honesty and honors our true self expression.
    INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, alcohol, peridot and rose quartz gem essence, essential oils of rose geranium, lavender and grapefruit.

    Glow of Love: To reignite the inner soul-fire and strengthen the heart’s knowing.
    INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, alcohol, rose quartz and carnelian gem essence, essential oils of ylang ylang, cinnamon and clove.

    Energy Clense: To strengthen energetic boundaries and release toxic energies and negativity.
    INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, alcohol, gem essence (rainbow fluorite, blue kyanite, black tourmaline), essential oils (lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, sage).

    2oz bottle
    External use only
  • Rachel Beyer Rachel Beyer is an intuitive artist and deep feeler from Portland, Oregon. Her work is inspired by the beauty of nature, the moon, the elements and seasons, and her practice centers around creativity, personal healing, and remembering the wisdom of ancestral traditions.
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