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The Family Crest

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    Over the course of one week, The Family Crest recorded a plethora of instruments in various homes and churches, as well as John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone recording studio. These recordings came together to create The Headwinds EP. With complex, pop-infused arrangements, songs like “Love Don’t Go” and “Marry Me” cover the spectrum of love, from the lost to everlasting.The Family Crest is an orchestral indie collective based in San Francisco, California. Beginning as a collaborative recording project in 2008, the group evolved by 2010 into a six-piece band with over 250 'Extended Family Members' who participate in recordings, live performances, and other media and art projects.

    TLE-041 (2013)
  • 1. The Headwinds
    2. Love Don't Go
    3. The Headwinds
    4. Brittle Bones
    5. Marry Me
  • The Family Crest The Family Crest The brainchild of frontman Liam McCormick, The Family Crest began as a recording project in 2009 with co-founder/bassist John Seeterlin. “We always liked making music with people—getting a bunch of people together and singing. So we put ads everywhere,” says McCormick. The outcome was greater than the original duo imagined--80 people ended up being credited on the first recording the band produced. From those 80, a seven-piece core band emerged, though the Crest boasts over 400 “Extended Family” members. The Family Crest has a seemingly natural ability to infuse pop into complex arrangements and create a cohesive, digestible soundscape from a wide swath of individual instruments. They are based in San Francisco, CA.
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