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Tender Loving Empire is a lot of things. Mostly it’s a big idea. The idea is that art is not a competition: that a strong and deeply connected community of creative people begets an even stronger community-at-large. Our aim is and has always been to facilitate a web of visual artists, designers, musicians, craftspeople, and every creator in between—and then connect them to new friends, fans, listeners. Over the last eight years our big idea has turned into the release of 60 albums and three brick-and-mortar stores that support a community of over 300 makers.

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Maker Spotlight

Did you know that along with being a showcase for makers, Tender Loving Empire creates its own line of gifts, apparel, Portlandy-stuff, and more? We are designers, illustrators, and print-makers in our own right, and we create a steady stream of things that we like and hope that you'll like them too. While you can find our stuff sprinkled throughout out stores and our site, we've selected a few of our top favorites here.

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