Tender Loving Empire supports Generous, an ecommerce platform that lets users pay on a sliding scale, and lets sellers donate to causes they feel strongly about. This month, we're offering two of our favorite music bundles and donating 100% of the proceeds to the Portland Rescue Mission. 

A message from Tender Loving Empire co-founder Jared Mees:

TLE is proud to support the Portland Rescue Mission because of the amazing work this organization does for our city's homeless population. Portland has a confluence of complicated issues that cause homelessness and worsen its effects. The combination of a lack of mental health facilities, sky-rocketing housing prices, and an ongoing drug abuse epidemic has created need for organizations like PRM that is unparalleled in Portland's history.

These bundles  are a couple of our favorites. Choose the price you'd like to pay and we will donate the entirety of that amount (less the 5% fees Generous charges to cover credit card processing and overhead) to The Portland Rescue Mission and the work they do in our neighborhood.

Thanks so much for your generosity,

Jared Mees, September, 2016