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Tender Loving Empire supports Generous, an ecommerce platform that lets users pay on a sliding scale, and lets sellers donate to causes they feel strongly about.

Y La Bamba presents the Red Earth digital EP, exclusively through Generous, to benefit Adelante Mujeres

Adelante Mujeres provides holistic education and empowerment opportunities to low income Latina women and their families in Oregon's western Washington County. Luz Elena Mendoza is the frontwoman of Y La Bamba, an eclectic indie art folk pop band from Portland, Oregon. To raise awareness of Adelante Mujeres and their mission, Luz has created Red Earth, a seven-song, lo-fi EP, and is offering it exclusively through Generous. 100% of the proceeds of all money raised will go directly to Adelante Mujeres (less processing fees)

Listen to the "Species" single from the Red Earth MP3 here:

We spoke to Luz and asked her about why Adelante Mujeres was important.

TLE: Can you tell us a bit about Adelante Mujeres and why is this organization important to you?

Luz: Theres so much to say about this, I don't even know where to begin. I want to support Adelante Mujeres for many reasons. I grew up in Southern Oregon as a first generation Mexican American female.

There are a lot of memories from my childhood where I didn't know that my voice was valued. I saw and still witness my mother go through her hardships, trying to find stability on all levels here in the United States, searching for that strength for herself so she can feel whole and important to society.

My father and mother have worked really hard to have what they have. There are so many details behind the scenes of a low income or middle class Mexican family here in this country. I have seen poor Mexican families that have given love and support to their mothers and children. I have also seen and grown up in a household where women couldn't speak their truth without being verbally and physically abused.

This criticism is confusing as a woman and as a child. I have seen and have experienced this pain in my life and I understand the confusion of feeling like I have nowhere to go as a woman. It is important to create awareness of these issues and build up all women to unveil their power and use the emotional intelligence that we have inherited to heal and tend to our families.

There is a gift in the awareness of the duality of two realities—a depth that has been tossed around and misunderstood throughout generations.

I believe in these organizations and hope and pray that donating my music will inspire everyone to listen to our people who are hurting and need a platform like everyone else to develop themselves into who they really are: strong, intelligent, hard working, loving, and worth it. My vision is that we create and cultivate more spaces where women can find themselves through anything.

I hope that this organization continues to expand so those who are seeking change, growth, and healing will have access to more places like Adalante Mujeres.


Luz at 7 with her brother  Luz at 7 years old with her brother after dad went hunting


When did you first start to care about the issues that Adelante Mujeres address?

I've been feeling these issues my entire life, and am grateful that I can contribute my voice.

How does your music address these issues?

I write about my growth and what is going on in the world. The message is in the music.

What's next for you?

I want to continue to grow and share my sentiments and heal as I navigate this mysterious, wild, and beautiful world that I have been gifted to live and experience.

Anything else you want to add?

The EP is a collection of songs that I have been writing this year. I started when I first got back from my Mexico City trip in March. These songs are sonic installations of these times. The newest ones are "Desert" and "Species." I wrote these during and after the election. I have more to say but still processing all of this worldy information.

These songs are for the people.

Close your eyes.

Let go.

And heal.



We're offering the Red Earth EP as part of a sliding-scale package, and donating 100% of the proceeds to Adelante Mujeres (less processing fees). Pay what you can, and get great stuff, courtesy of Luz, Y La Bamba, and Tender Loving Empire.

What you get:

$2—The "Species" single MP3: from the Red Earth EP

$10—The full seven-song lo-fi Red Earth digital EP

$12Red Earth digital EP + Cassette

$20Red Earth digital EP + Ojos Del Sol digital album

$40Red Earth digital EP + Oh February digital album + Ojos  Del Sol digital album + Court the Storm digital album + Lupon digital album (the full digital discography!)

$75—The full digital discography + a signed copy of Ojos Del Sol CD

$100—The full digital discography + signed copy of Ojos Del Sol vinyl

$200+ - The full digital discography + signed copies of Lupon, Court the Stormand Ojos Del Sol on vinyl.



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