Signature Line Buyer / Receiver

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The Signature Line Buyer / Receiver’s (the “SLBR”) job is to manage TLE’s Signature Line of products. This person is a keystone employee that we depend on to stock our stores with our signature line as well as receive wholesale stock. The SLBR is a consummate team player a consistent communicator and cool under pressure.  This position reports to the Lead Curator Merchandiser but also works closely with the Lead Designer, the Portland Retail Manager and Portland Airport Manager, the Website Manager, and all the suppliers we use to create the product. The SLBR also manages the Silkscreen Manager  and Signature Line Assistant.

Signature Line Product Management

The SLBR is responsible for assessing TLE’s Signature Line product needs. This person works with our various suppliers, printers and designers to ensure that the quantities of products ordered are adequate to fill the needs of each retail store, TLE’s website business and wholesale businesses. The SLBR uses historical sales data, current stock levels and projected sales to accurately predict the stock needed of each individual product, and works with the designer and the LCM to assess products that are selling well/poorly and make recommendations as to the future direction of the signature line based on data, feedback from stores and margin. The SLBR also manages TLE’s silkscreen manager and ensures that the correct amount of product arrives on time.

Airport/Signature Line Product Receiving

The SLBR is responsible for receiving all signature line and PDX airport inventory at HQ. They are responsible for assessing the quality of the product ordered, the quantity ordered and other factors. They are also responsible for doing signature line inventory counts on a quarterly basis and weekly spot checks.

Signature Line Buying Tasks

  • Ensure that all signature line items are always in stock and our stores have sufficient backstock.
  • Keeping all supplies for signature line product completion in stock
  • Place signature line orders with suppliers
  • Manage Lead Silkscreener in creating all signature line products.
  • Fulfill internal stock transfers from HQ to stores.
  • Keep correct and accurate buying records
  • Meets monthly and weekly spending budgets
  • Utilize historical sales data and other reports to determine quantities of products ordered and timing of orders.
  • Follow up with suppliers about orders that have been placed to make sure inventory has been sent.
  • Coordinate retagging projects in stores when prices or SKU’s change for signature line.
  • Maintain an attentive, focused relationship with all suppliers.
  • Manage signature line inventory, update pricing, SKUs, products carried etc
  • Support Designer and/or leadership team with research when requested by browsing for potential new designs and/or suppliers.
  • Forward all accounts payable to bookkeeper.
  • Coordinate transfers between stores when necessary to maintain stock level within budget.
  • Monthly reports to leadership team, LCM and lead designer
  • Coordinates manufacturing steps and timing with screenprinter and other manufacturers to see projects to completion.
  • Maintain organized backstock.

Receiving Tasks

  • Responsible for receiving all airport inventory and all signature line inventory
  • Assesses the quality of the product ordered and received and communicates any issues with buyers.
  • Counting orders against packing slips or invoices to ensure we received the appropriate number of items.
  • Properly stores and organizes the product at HQ until it needs to be shipped to the stores
  • Ensuring that items received for the airport are couriered to the airport by the next day.
  • Communicating with airport manager about any un-received items.
  • Communicating with buyers when orders received are different than the orders placed.  


  • Must have at least 2 years of product management experience (buying, receiving, shipping etc)
  • College degree preferred
  • Excellent organizational, communication and writing skills
  • Computer and spreadsheet skills essential
  • Must have visual merchandising, sales and marketing experience
  • Available to begin work February 1st, 2017

To apply:

Please submit via email to brianne@tenderlovingempire.com with “SIGNATURE LINE BUYER / RECEIVER" as the subject line and include the following:

  • Cover letter detailing why you would be a good fit for this job and why Tender Loving Empire is a company you’d like to work for.
  • Resume including salary history
  • 2-3 professional references including references full name, title, phone and email.
  • Click here to take a simple 10 minute work style assessment.


About Tender Loving Empire

Tender Loving Empire (TLE) was founded by Jared and Brianne Mees in 2006 in Portland Oregon. Our goal is and has always been to make connections with visual artists, designers, musicians and craftspeople—and then connect them to new fans, and listeners. We've expanded from our humble beginnings as a mom and pop operation in a tiny out-of-the-way location to a thriving multi-vertical company that employs 20 people via 3 Portland retail stores: downtown (in the West End), on SE Hawthorne, and on NW 23rd. We also have an ecommerce website, a line of signature products and an internationally distributed record label.




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