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Full-Time Store Lead 

Store Leads (SL) at Tender Loving Empire are developing leaders within TLE, reporting directly to ASM and SM’s. They are customer service all-stars, always leading by example, seeking opportunities to inspire and delight the customer while maintaining a strong presence on the sales floor. Store Leads are detail-oriented and great at multi-tasking. They appreciate and uphold the efforts required to maximize our Mission Statement. Store Leads understand their resources, assist with staff development, and maintain hyper-organized work spaces. Store Leads prioritize clear communication and check in with their ASM/SM regularly, ensuring needs from both parties are upheld.


Customer Engagement

  • Attentive to customers in the space, welcoming them and thanking them for their visit
  • Circulates the sales floor consistently, creating opportunity for customer connections
  • Prioritizes engaging with customers over any projects or personal conversations
  • Actively shares the TLE story to all customers, finding fun and unique ways to integrate product knowledge into interactions
  • Works to find the solution to customer or store issue by utilizing resources and available tools
  • Prevents loss in the store space by awareness of red-flag behaviors, exhibiting strong customer service skills that minimize opportunity for product loss
  • Creates genuine connections upholding our inclusive motto: “You are part of this place”
  • Assists all customers by offering baskets, holding items at the register, and helping locate sizes or styles of product
  • Handles difficult situations with a calm and professional demeanor, utilizing resources and ensuring safety of staff and customers remain #1 priority
  • Delegates tasks to store staff as necessary, helping provide timely task completion



  • Opens and closes store within scheduled time, ensuring all tasks and operations are completed or communicated to the next person scheduled
  • Accurately counts cash drawer funds at opening and closing, documents any errors, and pulls the correct amount for nightly deposits
  • Takes care in giving change back to customers to minimize drawer errors
  • Carefully inputs totals into the credit card machine to avoid over/under charges
  • Scans all products into Vend, ensuring that quantities, prices, & item names are accurate and any discounts have been assigned to the corresponding customer code
  • Fluidly utilizes Vend, including sales ledger, sales reporting and inventory management features
  • Works in an organized fashion to minimize project messes visible to customers
  • Places promotional signage at eye level in the appropriate locations within store
  • Contributes to store success daily with chore chart completion
  • Responds to all emails and communication from team in a timely manner
  • Helps SM manage incoming product: receiving, processing, and merchandising
  • Contributes and stays up to date within Slack, communicating to buying team when necessary
  • Assists with timely completion of Transfers and RTVs
  • Oversees timely and accurate completion of Task Log
  • Conducts and submits weekly Stock Level Orders
  • Participates in bi-annual Inventory Counts


Teamwork + Communication

  • Maintains a positive, team-minded mentality throughout daily interactions and job duties
  • Uses their knowledge and tenure to teach skills to their coworkers that benefit the entire team
  • Utilizes effective and constructive communication (verbal and written.) Brings any issues/concerns/ideas to the correct person
  • Participates in team incentives, email threads, and staff meetings
  • Holds themselves and others accountable to meeting sales goal, completing daily chores, and customer service
  • Maintains composure when faced with issues or conflict by giving people the benefit of the doubt, staying grounded, and projecting warmth
  • Leverages the strengths of their coworkers and themselves to best contribute to the overall success of the team
  • Empowered to contribute ideas & suggestions to benefit the store, product offerings, and/or company
  • Diffuses tricky situations with customers or coworkers by helping to identify solutions


Merch + Display / Brand Standards

  • Restocks all displays daily, ensuring that products are adequately stocked and merchandise suits product levels or merch pieces- both using Vend Sales Reports and memory
  • Helps maintain quality of experience regarding all product, following correct protocol to remove damaged or unappealing items from sales floor
  • Contributes daily to a well-organized backstock
  • Regularly adheres to cleaning procedures of salesfloor, cashwrap, and backroom areas. Helps hold staff accountable to possible oversight
  • Understands and thoughtfully prioritizes Signature Line < Wholesale < Consignment when merchandising
  • Implements First In First Out (FIFO) for product quality assurance
  • Uses any opportunities or lulls in business to circulate the sales floor and actively recover any sections that look disheveled or moderately shopped


The ideal candidate will have:

  • 2 years retail/customer service experience.
  • Strong multi-tasking skills.
  • Warm, friendly and professional customer service and sales skills.
  • An eye for design and merchandising and an understanding of our company's aesthetic.
  • Strong work ethic (TLE is a fun place to work, but we work hard!)
  • Good Attitude.
  • Ability to accept and implement constructive criticism.


To Apply:

Send an email to with the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Resumé
  • Share any social media links you'd like
  • Click here to take a simple 10 minute work style assessment.


    About Tender Loving Empire

    Tender Loving Empire (TLE) was founded by Jared and Brianne Mees in 2006 in Portland Oregon. Our goal is and has always been to make connections with visual artists, designers, musicians and craftspeople—and then connect them to new fans, and listeners. We've expanded from our humble beginnings as a mom and pop operation in a tiny out-of-the-way location to a thriving multi-vertical company that employs 20 people via 3 Portland retail stores: downtown (in the West End), on SE Hawthorne, and on NW 23rd. We also have an ecommerce website, a line of signature products and an internationally distributed record label. Tender Loving Empire is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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