Brianne Mees


Likes: Personality tests, vegetarian cuisine and family adventures.

Jared Mees


Likes: Family-timing. Music-making. Mountain-hiking. Hand-shaking.

Terry St. Marie

Director of Finance

Likes: Coffee, music, kind souls.

Ashley Vaughan

Lead Curator/Merchandiser

Likes: The desert, cultivating her own home jungle and being her dog, Hudson's, mom.

Aaron meola

record label manager

Likes: Trail Blazers, music technology, aviation.

Jed Overly

Sync-Licensing and Operations Coordinator

Likes: Traveling, writing, performing.

Abigael tripp

lead designer

Likes: Writing poetry, Cat Power, homemade tattoos.

Darin Sennett

Digital Strategist

Likes: Chihuahuas and Chinese noodles.

Tom Matthews

silk-screen studio manager

Likes: Pitbulls, steel guitar, & George Carlin.

rachel milbauer

Community Manager

Likes: Taking pictures of her cats, working on her music podcast and zine, Party Boyz, or cookin' up something good.

Rachael Perisho

Web and Consignment Buyer

Likes: Long morning walks with her dog, Bennett; playing the singing saw, and experiencing déjà vu.

Melanie Moseley

Wholesale Buyer

Likes: Black licorice, true crime podcasts, and homemade cocktails

Amanda krebs

Portland Retail District Manager

Likes: Cooing neighborhood cats, discovering new music, & road trips.

meghan westby


Likes: Weaving, cats, & karaoke.

Rachel Troiano

NW 23rd store manager

Likes: Eating, feminism, & singing loudly in the car with friends.

Betsy Cordes

PDX Airport store manager

Likes: Handmade jewelry, tending her ever-growing collection of plants, and the Portland food scene.

Sonya Harriman

PDX Airport Assistant Store Manager

Likes: Pastries, Big Sur, planning trips, and conversation over some good beers.

Kody Sparks

PDX Airport Assistant Store Manager

Likes: Laughing until she cries, smiling uncontrollably, and finding inspiration in her surroundings.

Chloe Costello

Music Buyer/Store Staff

Likes: Local live music, draping herself in velvet, absurdism, and the curly ends of ferns' fronds that start to appear when spring comes around.

Nicki Yowell

Store Staff

Likes: Zines, print ephemera, bad VHS workplace tutorial videos and other arcane media; pizza with stupidly ample amounts of sauce; sticking it to "the man."

Evan Atwood

Store Staff

Likes: Creating stories, making cool shit, moments where everything in the universe seems to align

Bri Gimenez

Store Staff

Likes: Butterflies, bows, and triangles

Lee Waters

Store Staff

Likes: Fluffy dogs, high fives, and gluten.

Hannah Kanter

Hannah Kanter

Store Staff

Likes: London fog, road trips, snail mail, and true crime podcasts.

Matthew Weatherman

Matthew Weatherman

Store Staff

Likes: Peaches, playing music with friends, taking his dogs to the lake with his sweetheart.

Carolyn Rowe

Carolyn Rowe

Store Staff

Likes: Painting portraits, TV shows about cryptozoology, and every dog she's ever met.

London Rilatos

London Rilatos

Store Staff

Likes: Photography, being a plant dad, and spontaneous high fives.

Jane Flanagan

Jane Flanagan

Store Staff

Likes: Writing/playing/seeing music; tea, Earl Grey, hot; chuckling.

Jane Flanagan

Lauren Sunday

Store Staff

Likes: Knitting, cats, and Miyazaki movies.