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Warehouse Assistant Position

Tender Loving Empire operates 6 brick-and-mortar stores in the greater Portland area + online, curating a collection of goods and music from hundreds of independent makers for people who want to support their creative community, surround themselves with beauty, and live wholehearted. TLE has been part of the creative community in Portland since 2006 with a simple, three-part mission statement: empower and support creatives, enrich and fulfill employees, and to delight and inspire patrons. We truly believe when you live wholehearted you are an optimist and a do-gooder, a dabbler and a dreamer; you go after your dreams and help others succeed in theirs; you understand that small businesses keep our communities from being boring, homogenous, impersonal, money-over-people type places.

Applying to work at Tender Loving Empire is a choice to support hundreds of makers, musicians and small businesses. Together we can make our communities more vibrant, creative, compassionate, and connected.


Job Summary:

The warehouse assistant is responsible for helping execute warehouse and web operations. The primary duties involve receiving orders, fulfilling transfers for our brick & mortar stores, and couriering items to our stores and warehouse. Handling and packaging items securely is a priority. Other warehouse tasks include but are not limited to cleaning, order receiving, pulling and packing web orders, and special projects (e.g. bulk care package preparation). The ideal candidate will have great time management and organizational skills with a consistent attention to detail. 


The Warehouse Assistant is expected to:

  • Courier products from our stores or supply companies to our warehouse by 11AM
  • Receive and allocate Family Brands orders
  • Receive Wholesale/Consignment orders
  • Receive Music orders
  • Pull and package Wholesale, Family Brands, and music transfers 
  • Pull and distribute supply requests
  • Count and report inventory
  • Enter inventory counts
  • Pull and package web orders and general shipments
  • General cleaning and maintain a safe work environment 


Physical Requirements:

  • Begin work by 9am or earlier
  • Lift 50 lbs repetitively 
  • Stand for long periods of time
  • Safe driving skills
  • Drive 10-20 miles a day


Other Requirements: 

  • Must have a vehicle
  • Close attention to detail
  • Ability to multitask, yet focus on specific projects, while meeting deadlines
  • Communication skills via Slack or verbal 
  • Utilize our POS System to send and receive transfers+orders, and check inventory

To Apply: 

Please email with the subject line WAREHOUSE APPLICATION including an introduction of yourself along with your resume. 



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