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Supra Endura

3 Pack Dishcloths - Poppy

3 Pack Dishcloths - Poppy

Are you still using a sponge and paper towels to do your cleaning? Want to replace these with one product that: lasts longer, saves you money, smells better, oh, and looks really cool?

Okay, you have come to the right page, Supra Endura's Swedish dishcloth pack does all that & more!

These Swedish dishcloths are made out of all-natural ingredients, unlike most sponges that are derived from petroleum-based materials. They also do double work: you can use them as you would a paper towel and a sponge. Use them to hand wash dishes and clean the countertop and appliances. One dishcloth can replace up to 17 rolls of paper towels! 

Supra Endura makes these dishcloths to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle but also to add some style to your routine! Their three-pack comes in three comes in 3 fun abstract floral sustainable prints.

Make cleaning more sustainable and stylish!


- Made of 70 % Cellulose/ 30% Cotton 
- Size: 6.75" x 7

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