Andy Shauf- The Party
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Andy Shauf: The Party

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  • Listen to the song "The Magician"

    Andy Shauf's second album, The Party, features even more of his masterful songwriting. A tightly crafted narrative; beautiful, mature melodies; and luxurious yet well-worn instrumentation. Comparisons to 20th century masters like Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, and Paul Simon, abound, but still firmly rooted our new century.

    Anti-87456-1 (2016)
  • 1. The Magician
    2. Early To The Party
    3. Twist Your Ankle
    4. Quite Like You
    5. Begin Again
    6. The Worst In You
    7. To You
    8. Eyes Of Them All
    9. Alexander All Alone
    10. Martha Sways
  • Andy Shauf Andy Shauf There’s an innate stillness and depth to multi-instrumentalist Andy Shauf’s music—a quiet, riveting strength that subtly steals its way into a listener’s bones. He’s a storyteller: a singer of heartbreak and regrets, isolation and loneliness, small-town legends and smaller-town killers.