Animal Eyes: Where We Go
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Animal Eyes: Where We Go

Animal Eyes

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  • Listen to the song "Mushroom Hunter"

    Animal Eyes ventures even further away from their folk beginnings in Where We Go, finding themselves in a strange land of genre-bending psychedelic harmonies. RIYL: Man Man, The Walkmen, Wolf Parade, Beach Boys' Pet Sounds.

  • 1. Feeding Snakes
    2. Zeke/Wizard
    3. Mushroom Hunter
    4. Born In A Blaze
    5. Una
    6. Smoke Sang
    7. Southern Giants
    8. Guava
    9. Where We Go
    10. Nome/Heave
    11. Alligator Sex
  • Animal Eyes Animal Eyes is a band of rambunctious boys from Portland playing on the edges of pop, rock, surf, psych, and folk. One part experimental, two parts fun. Visit their website here.