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Aries Sun Set Slowly Zine

Aries Sun Set Slowly Zine

This zine features a love poem and several gradient illustrations printed using a risograph, including a full-spread centerfold gradient. It is approximately 7.5" x 5".

The zine was designed digitally using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign and Spectrolite. It is printed on 65 lb cover ivory paper with a smooth finish. The book is handbound (by me!) with marigold thread coated in beeswax, sewn with a dash stitch.

The text of the poem reads:
Aries sun set slowly, I'm not quite ready for night.
I forgot the smell of springtime and the lazily dimming light.
If undeserved fate befalls us and we have but one day together,
I wish that dusk would never come. I hope this day lasts forever.

The risograph used is a GR3770 and the colors used are melon, cornflower, and fluorescent pink. Due to the nature of risograph printing, there are inconsistencies between copies, including misregistration and print marks. The soy-based ink is similar to newsprint in that it doesn't fully dry and will continue to transfer slightly even after a drying period.

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