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Wildwood Candle Co.

Aspen Candle

Aspen Candle

  • Although the Aspen trail in Forest Park only clocks in at about 1/2 mile, it's a convenient way to quickly connect to Wildwood and create a great hike or trail run loop. Skip the crowds at the Leif Erikson trail head, and head up Aspen NW Ave. for a change of pace. Inspired by the aspen's green-leafed summer foliage, this candle has fresh, green and earthy notes -- crushed pine cones, eucalyptus, bayberry, fresh-potted soil and cut grass. The ultimate "outdoor air refreshment" to fill your lungs. Think of this one as Wildwood 2.0.

    Hand-poured natural soy wax blend, essential oils & fragrance. Eco-friendly, ethically sourced & produced. Petroleum, lead, GMO & phthalate free. Naturally processed & sourced wooden wicks from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) that partners with All materials sourced in USA.

    5% of profits are donated to the Forest Park Conservancy to help protect Forest Park's ecological health.

    Recyclable 13.5 oz glass jar 4.25"H, 3"D

    Net Wt. 11 oz

    Up to 60 hour burn time

    GPS Coordinates: 45.536316, -122.718966
  • Wildwood CandlesWildwood Candle Co. Established in 2017, Wildwood Candle Co was founded by Portland-based Kylie Antolini, an avid trail runner and candle-obsessed connoisseur. Inspired by the love of flame, fir, and freeing oneself in the forest, Wildwood Candle Co. is dedicated to the Wildwood Trail and surrounding trails in Forest Park of Portland, Oregon.
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