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Astro Tan

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  • Canary is Astro Tan's third release, and while the musicianship and soulful tone of their introspection remain, Canary features their most fulsome and ambitious arrangements to date, incorporating soaring horns and strings into their neo-soul rock 'n roll revolution.

    (2017 )
  • 1. Intra-
    2. H.Y.F.Y
    3. Duck Fat
    4. Hush
    5. The Jetsons
    6. Whiskey + Water
    7. Interludes in B∆7
    8. Goosebumps
    9. Contact Sports Ch; 2 of 2
    10. Pipedream
    11. To Joyce, From Japan
    12. Tiger Tooth Incisions
  • Dave Depper Astro Tan paid a lot of attention in jazz band in high school, then rode in Led Zeppelin's tour bus for a decade before landing smack dab in 21st century Portland's indie scene. The three-piece creates landscapes of psychedelic R&B, marked by sophisticated arrangements, highly crafted songwriting, and a deep, dark heart.