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  • Natural fragrances with endless uses! Worn by many who can not wear traditional perfumes, our Body Refreshers are fragranced only with essential oils, absolutes and botanicals. They are not only a delicious personal fragrance but are amazing as a natural deodorant, hair refresher and aromatic pick me up. Spritz liberally whenever you need to feel the benefits of ingredients like geranium, wild orange, spruce or lemongrass. 2oz / 60ml
  • No. 1 Citron - Notes: Crisp Citrus, Lemongrass + Ylang Ylang
  • Primary Ingredients: Grapefruit: disinfectant, antidepressant Sweet orange: fungicidal, bactericidal Neroli: deodorizing, soothing
  • No. 2 Neroli - Notes: Orange Blossom + hints of Opulent Rose
  • Primary Ingredients: Rose absolute: emotional balancer, skin tonic Sweet orange: uplifting, nerve tonic Neroli: stress reducer, aphrodisiac Geranium: hormone balancing, skin regenerator
  • No. 3 Sitka - Notes: Fresh Wood, Frankincense + Bergamot
  • Primary Ingredients: Spruce: deodorant, antiseptic Juniper: tonic, aphrodisiac Frankincense: emotional balancer, anti-inflammatory Bergamot: deodorant, tonic
  • Saint OlioSaint Olio is a Portland-based business that was founded by Sherri Kaven. The company creates a line of aromatic household and body products that are completely natural, synthetic-free and safe. Each product consists of a variety of essential oils that are potent and antimicrobial. The aromas are not only great to smell, but they also can help improve the overall health and well-being of the user, as essential oils have been shown to alter moods as molecules enter the limbic system. All ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible. Products include aromatic cleaners, air + linen refreshers, and body refreshers in 3 different scents.
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