Box Cat (with mouse)
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Box Cat (with mouse) Box Cat with Mouse by Happy Grey Skies - the mouse is loose! Box Cats are happier in pairs.

Box Cat (with mouse)

Happy Grey Skies

  • This adorable box cat is so full of personality you just might expect it to wobble over to you and start purring! Tiny embroidered details abound, including a little pocket on the side that holds a tiny mouse friend. Each cat is handmade and some details may vary slightly from that pictured. This cat’s tiny beaded eyes and little mouse make it safest for older children (and adults!), but not for the littlest littles. Stands approximately 7” tall.
  • Happy Grey Skies Happy Grey Skies is the handmade workings of Em Randall, a lifelong crafter and lover of all things odd, colorful, out of the box and of their own. Inspired from nostalgia and whimsy, she draws from a shared love of fantastical elements and natural happenings.