Breakfast in Bridgetown by Paul Gerald
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Breakfast in Bridgetown

Bacon and Eggs Press

  • Make the most of everyone’s favorite meal, and find a new favorite spot (or 5)! This definitive 304 page guide includes descriptions of over 120 restaurants, food carts, hotels and more in Portland. Whether you are looking for a place that's vegetarian friendly, gluten-free, kid friendly, or great for a late night bite, this guide has got you covered.
  • Paul Gerald Paul Gerald’s hiking life started at age 12, when he went to a summer camp in the Absoraka Mountains of Wyoming. He became a trail and road hound at that point, and his hometown of Memphis never looked the same. He’s hiked in the Rocky Mountains from New Mexico to Montana, as well as in Appalachia, Alaska, Nepal, and Argentina. In 1996 he moved to Portland to be close to the ocean, the mountains, the big trees, and the coffee shops.