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Classic Candle 4oz

Little Garage Shop

  • Hand-poured using organic soy wax, the 4oz Classic Candles are available in two distinct scents, formulated using organic essential oils. The reusable ceramic vessel is fully glazed. Packaged in cotton drawstring pouch and kraft box. Choose from the following colors/scents: Lilac- Coriander & Black Pepper scent (rich and grounding) Oatmeal- Sage & Copaiba scent (fresh and uplifting) Ochre- Sage & Copaiba scent (fresh and uplifting)
  • Little Garage Shop Little Garage Shop is a contemporary ceramics and home goods studio in Portland, Oregon. They approach both form and function thoughtfully and passionately to create works that are timeless, modern and unique. The garage is the place that’s off the clock, outside the lines, with no place to be. It’s the place to fix a car, start a band, launch a revolution, or build an atelier. The garage is where imagination and transformation come together, creating bespoke objects to transform your space.
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